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  1. Hello,
    It was fun to read your history online. My grandfather’s name was Olgivy from Scotland. He migrated to Kansas, USA, in 1877. Is Olgivy changed from Olgivie or is there another clan in Scotland with Olgivy?
    Thanks for you help.
    Mary Lou

      1. thank you my name is Richard OglesbyI was wondering if you have any information about the clan ogilvy, ogilvie,oglesbyjust curious about the history

        1. Hi Richard. There is a short page about the history of the clan on this site and you’ll find some more information on the Electric Scotland page which I have linked to from the Links page.

        2. You have a name that is famous in the state of Illinois. A Richard Oglesby was the Civil war Governor and U.S. Senator from that state. Oglesby Illinois is named after him. He was a personal friend of Abe Lincoln. Another is William Henry Harrison Oglesby. A Major in the Union Army buried in a National Cemetery in Kansas. This family comes out of early Virginia/Carolina and there are Richard Oglesby’s in that family.

  2. I would like to know what the true spelling of Ogilvie is? Wikipedia has the clan name spelled as Ogilvy. I would also like to know if our family has royal blood in it? Thank you.

    1. Hi Adam. I had a similar question from Mary back in July. The simple answer is that Ogilvie, Ogilvy, Oglesby and many more variations of the spelling all have the same origin, which is from the ancient Pictish words “Ocel Fa”. It seems that these variations arose simply because back in those olden times no-one knew how to spell! You will find this information and much more regarding our name here: http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/OGILVIE/2000-08/0965284626

    2. An Ogilviy married Princess Axelandra, one married Winston Churchill is the Bedchamber Lady to Queen Elizabeth II, one is Lord Chamberlin to Queen Elizabeth II.

  3. My tenth great-grandfather was William G. Chatman. He served in Ogalvys Regt. during the 45.He was captured after Culloden and was placed in prison.
    In 1748 he was sent to Burlington NJ(USA)where he was sold as an indentured servant.

    1. My maiden name is chatman and am very interested in finding out more about the battle of Culloden. I am going to Scotland next spring. Please and thank you. I believe my ancestors originated in New England.

  4. Am writing a story on the Shaws in Glenshee and Glenisla. During the ’45, many Shaws mustered with the Farquaharson Btn of Ogilvy’s Regiment. Do you have a website that details the Regiment’s timeline before, during and after Culloden?

  5. Iam trying to research my family Oglesbee iam not sure where to start any thoughts. my mother is a sutherland and my 3xs great grandmother on my dads side is campbell it just gos on and on. What clan would I be from all or one ?

    1. Hi Davan. I haven’t researched my family tree but my Dad did. The way to start is to get some good software and start filling out the boxes with any information you have. Then start filling in the missing pieces. You could try sites like ancestry.com and familysearch.org to see if you can knit some of it together that way. But a lot of details about your family you should be able to find by simply contacting family members by email and phone. My Dad was lucky to find other members of the family who had also done research and was able to link some of that information with his own. He was also able to correct some errors in parts of his chart this way. Good luck!

  6. Hi! My name is Anna and I live in the southern part of Sweden. A while back a relative of mine did my familytree and it appears that I can trace my family back to the Ogilvie clan in the 12th century. Im getting married this summer and we want a different last name and I wonder if you know how big the chances are and who I contact if I want to change my last name to Ogilvie/Ogilvy. Is it impossible.. or.. ?? :))))

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Anna. This is a very interesting choice you are proposing! I’m sure it will be possible for you to do this. To change a surname here we would go to the government department that deals with Births, Deaths and Marriage and I’m sure you have something similar there. I’m sure only one of you needs to take the Ogilvie name in this manner as the other will take the name in marriage. Best wishes for your future

  7. Aye!

    I recently found out my noble family roots, as my dad died. I was supposed to meet him the first time, but sad as it is, he died before that. Through this hassle I found out, that my Big Grandad was Patrik Ogilwie, colonel, landlord of käkisalmi,( which was stolen from Finland by russians year -44!). He came to Finland as mercenary aged 20 and did quite well, I´m living evidence. So I threw away my stepfathers name and got the real one. I also have papers from other ancesters, so I might be able to full someones family tree. There`s Scottish, German, Baltic and Swedish aristocrasy floating in my veins. Interesting for a bastard who didn´t know anything about roots.

    So. Please contact me.

    Sincerelly yours.

    Jon Ogilvy

    Ps. Sorry about slight misspelling, I have a bottle of good Scottish whiskey with me.

  8. Jon again. Patrik Ogilwie came in Finland at 1626 and died in peace year 1674. Owned a wery nice mancion at Ylöjärvi Finland. My great granny was Joneta Rose of Graig. Has anyone anything sured info about her?

    Sincerelly again!

    Jon Ogilvy

  9. I am researching my family history and have traced it back to Robert Ogilvy (1705 to 1797) who came to America some time between 1728 and 1736. His father was William Ogilvy (1671). His son Alexander (1736 to 1794) was the first to use Oglesby. I would like to hear from anyone that has knowledge of these Ogilvies.

    1. Sounds like my wife’s family. I have information on them from early Virginia/Carolina. I know William is a familiar name in that tree.

    2. Hi, my name is Linda Oglesby Pate…I have traced my family back to James Oglesby Sr.(1765-1845), wife, Lucrecy (1765-1825). Son, James H. Oglesby from Screven, Ga (1789-1860). My Great-Great Grandfather was Charles Franklin Oglesby who died in the Civil War and is buried in the Confederate Cemetary in Jonesboro Clayton, Ga. He died 1864….does this help you and can you help me learn anything further? Can’t find parents of James or Lucrecy.
      Thanks, Linda

      1. Linda,

        My name is Kathleen Swaim & my 5th great grandfather was James Oglesby Sr. His son Lewis is where my line is. I haven’t found anything on Lewis’ wife or James’ parents. I hope you see this & hopefully between the two of us we can piece together our family.

      2. Hi Linda, My name is Lester Pharis. Charles Franklin Oglesby is also my great-great grandfather. My grandmother’s name was Nellie Oglesby. You can also find me on ancestry.com

    3. Aye lad…Paul Oglesbee here. I dont have paperwork anymore but i am from Williams line who settled in Fredrick Virginia. Some of that branch left fv to logan county Ohio and then to madison county Iowa. Good luck in yer quest…

  10. Hello!

    Me and some of my family have recently done some research on the family tree and we found to be descendants to the Finnish/Swedish branch of the noble Ogilwie (yes, spelled with a ‘W’) family, namely Patrik Ogilwie, born in Scotland, deceased in Finland and buried in the Cathedral of Abo (1606-1674). He was in Swedish military service from 1624, during Swedish ownership of Finland.

    Have to say I chuckled a bit to the meaning “Since we Highlanders are renowned to be the best fighters (most argumentative) in the world, the issue of this spelling thing has spawned many a good fight/augument/brawl!” since I can see that most of the men in the family were military personnel/strategists.

    I wanted to let you know of this variation of the name and also that there are descendants of the family in both Sweden and Finland (even if none still bear the name).

    Here is a site for more information on this branch of the family: http://www.adelsvapen.com/genealogi/Ogilwie_nr_277 (it’s all in Swedish, so if you are interested and google translate does not do the trick, feel free to ask). Can you tell me anything about the coat-of-arms? Can you tell if there are there any tell tale similarities to other Ogilvie families coats-of-arms and possible meanings in the details?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hello, Aapeli

      I suppose you`re from finnland. I think I may have very interesting family tree news for you. Ota yhteyttä ogilvyjon@gmail.com. Jos käy viuhka, mä voin infota juurista tonne 1200-luvulle asti.



  11. I am researching William Phoenix Ogilvie for a story on early Grey Lynn, Auckland. He lived at 3 Beaconsfield St, Grey Lynn from at least 1908 ( earliest records i can find) until he sold in 1943/44
    Do you know if he built that lovely old 2 storey villa, and if so when? Did he retire to a daughter’s home perhaps?
    Also do you have a photo of W P Ogilvie or his drapery in Queen St?

    1. Hi John. I can’t help you with the information regarding the villa at the moment but you’ll find photos of both William Phoenix Ogilvie and his drapery in the sidebar of this site (go to the history page). If you click the images you’ll get a larger view but the quality is as good as I could make it from the scans I took of my father’s original documents. They were not in good condition

  12. I hope someone can help me. I have been trying to complete a family tree on ancestry but have come upon a brick wall. I hope there will be someone there that can point me in the right direction. I will post below my heritage for my grandfather. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    My grandfather was Ershell L. “Doc” Oglesbee born 1910 in Gravelly Arkansas, his father was Uriah S. “Bud” Oglesbee born 1877 in Arkansas. Uriah’s father was James C. Oglesbee born 1845 in Mississippi – his father was Elijah Oglesby born 1817 in Mississippi – his father was Lewis Oglesby born 1790 in South Carolina. That is where I have gotten to & I can’t seem to find anything else.

    Thank you so much!!!

  13. Hello my name is jesse oglesby my 6th great grandpa was charles franklin oglesby who died in the battle of jonesboro his son Willis oglesby moved gatesville texas were he died at a pretty young age but not before having Ambrose oglesby (2nd) great along with others he had a slew of kids with on being my great grandfather james Willis oglesby aka (punch) oglesby he is in the texas rodeo hall of fame we are also still in texas hope that helps any and would love to know more beyond Charles franklin oglesby.

  14. I have been traceing my grandfather Bennie oglesby and the name changes to ogilvy then to ogilvie is this right.

  15. Hello everyone. The name is Ron Oglesbee, 29 years old living in northern michigan. Always had a fascination with history and family tree as well. Did quite a bit of research into the clan and all the different ways the clan name changed over the years and how far its actually spread. Just figured id say hi to others from the lineage and hope everyone is doing well. Always felt it was important to seek and reach out to people you share something in common with.
    Proud to be an Oglesbee

  16. hi
    My great great grandfather was Alexander Neil Ogilvie(1846).
    Some interesting information on your site which Ive had trouble finding. Thank you

  17. Hi,

    James Ogilvie here hailing from Ramsgate, Kent in the UK. My paternal grandfather George, moved down from Inverness in the 1940s or 50s as a coal miner.

    Great to see this website!


  18. Hello, I have traced my 10 great grandfather to be a John Oglivy of Aberdeen born in 1626 and his daughter Helen Oglivy born in Banff in 1652. I was wondering if they were in your lineage?
    Love the website!

  19. Hello!! My 4th Great Grandparents are Sabert Oglesby and Phoebe Lindsay, 3rd Great Grandparents Lewis Oglesby and Cassandra James, 2nd Great Grandparents John Thomas Oglesby and Martha Ann Phillips, and Great Grandparents Robert Felgar and Martha Etta Oglesby.
    I would love any information anyone might have about Saberts brother (John, James and possibly Richard) who he supposedly came to America with from Scotland. I would also love any information about who his parents are across the pond In Scotland. Excited to learn more about my amazing Oglesby family line.

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