There is some confusion over the “correct” spelling of the name Ogilvie and I have received a few
questions on this topic over the years. Certainly, I have received mail with many mis-spellings of my name, although admittedly it is far less common now in this age of computers and email. There is a lot of information regarding this in an excellent post on the RootsWeb mailing list by James Baxter Ogilvie dated August 2000 which I have copied below. The original post can be found here.

Hi all,

The question of the spelling variations in the clan name has come up
again. I know I promised some of you that I would begin a discussion on
this topic, but it looks like it has already started. So I’ll throw my
two cents in and invite more discussion.

Everywhere I go on the internet, specifically message boards, I see people
asking questions about why their Ogilvie/Oglesby names are spelled
differently than others. I’m sure many of you have seen the same thing.
This question is as old as Clan Ogilvie itself. Since we Highlanders are
renowned to be the best fighters (most argumentative) in the world, the
issue of this spelling thing has spawned many a good fight/augument/brawl!

I remember as a kid, listening to the adults argue over whether our
Ogilvie name was supposed to be spelled with “ie” or “y”. Also that they
wondered if the different spellings meant that they were separate
families, related or not, from different countries, etc. The wind up was
always the same, we use “ie” because that’s what their grandparents told
them to do.

Here present on this list, we have cousins with (or who descend from)
every conceivable different spelling of the name. For example:

Ogilvie (most common), Oglesby (2nd most common), Ogilvy (third) and then
lots of Ogelvie, Oggelsby, Ogelvee, Oglevee, Ogilby, Ogilbee, Ogilvee,
Ogg, Oguilve, Oguilvee, Oglesbee, Ogelesbee, Ogelvy, Ogelsvee, Oglesbie.
Yes, I have even seen Ogilly, Ogillive, Oguilby, and Ogilbia.

Did I leave any out? Please let us know!
I’m sure there are more.

Oh yeah,….Dare I say it? ….O’Gil-vie………….HAHAHAHA FOFL LOL
(your Grandma was right! Return the mail if it is addressed in this

No Don N., there is nothing Irish about Clan Ogilvie. While it is true,
that during the Highland clearances and such, many an Ogilvie stopped in
Ireland on their way to the different colonies of the British Empire, the
truth is, that they were only visiting for a while.

The name comes from the ancient Pictish words “Ocel Fa”. This is supposed
to mean “High Plain” or “High Land”….(Highlander??!). The “O” part does
not mean “of” as it would in in the case of “O'” in Irish names. At least
in the “V” variations. Yes, we have the “V” and the “B” variations. At
least that narrows it down to two basic forms.

The “B” form, basically Oglesby and all its variations, is the old
Anglicized (English) version of the Scottish “V” form. Get it?
So that’s not too hard to understand, but why is there an Ogilvie and
Ogilvy. I used to think that Ogilvy was in use only by the Ogilvy
descendants of the house of Airlie and the Clan Chiefs, but I have come to
find out that this is not the rule. I don’t think there are any rules
with this name! Maybe someone thought that the grammatically correct
plural of Ogilvy was Ogilvies and then someone dropped the “s” to
singularize it again. Who knows?

I have a theory about the “B” form. Being that, in so many languages the
word for land is fa, fie, bie, by, bee, vie etc., (or something like
that); and our progenitor, Gilbert of Angus, was given the land’s of “Ocel
Fa” by his father, then maybe the English tried to simplfy things by
writing the name from the idea that descendants of Gilbert were “Of Gil’s
Land” or “O’Gils By”……oh no, there’s that “O'” again! Forget it! It
was only a theory!

There is however a real answer to the question: “Why the differences is
spelling?” Looking back to the time that the spelling variations seem to
start popping up (and that’s just about every time before the turn of the
20th century)
the answer is clear and simple:


that’s the answer! This is a problem that has affected just about every
family, not just the Ogilvies. Even the Smiths have spelling variations
in their name for the same reason. One would think with a name like
Smith, it would be pretty difficult to mess it up.

Somewhere about 1860, someone decided that the spelling of surnames should
be “standardized”. Someone else thought it should be illegal to change
the spelling of one’s surname and/or the surname without due process of
law. Somehow all this went into effect and at the time, your ancestor
gave the spelling that he/she knew or could figure out. If not, someone
else did it for them, and that’s the spelling you got stuck with. If you
are searching for ancestors prior to the 1860’s then you have to remember
that there were no rules and look for all variations of the name.
Basically, in research, you can count on the “Og” part, and that’s about

In Scotland and England, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone whose name
isn’t spelled Ogilvie, Oglesby or Ogilvy. Actually you’d be hard pressed
to find even them! But yes some of the clan did stay in the UK, and some
of them are even here on the List. (At least we know “someone is minding
the store”) And of course, some Ogilvies, like Bonnie Holyoak, went back!
It seems that the majority of spelling variations occured in the different
colonies of England way back when.

Remember that the Highland Clans were not “very big on” educating their
children in the “3-R’s”. So when Ogilvies migrated from Scotland to the
colonies all over the world, the spelling of the name in records, was
usually left up to the official who was doing the recording. Add to that,
the heavy Scottish accent and Voila! you have confusion!

Let’s use my line, the Georgia/Nova Scotia Ogilvies, as an example. Our
ancestor James O., first showed up in the English Crown Colony of Georgia
in 1759. He and his family were illiterate, (sounds like a dirty word).
As a landowner and grantee, as well as a business man, there are numerous
offical documents with his “mark” on them, no signature, and his name is
recorded differently on every document, and in every newspaper notice etc.
We see both the “V” and “B” forms and variations for the same guy.
Remember that we’re talking about the English colony, and the English
officials were educated, and of course had a tendancy to due things THEIR
way, which meant that the “B” form was most likely to be used.

When James registered his “mark” and “brands”, (he owned cattle), and that
of 4 of his children the officials recorded their names as follows:
James Ogilvie, Peter Ogelsby, John Ogelesby, Ann Ogelesby, William
Oglesby. Same immediate family, different spellings.
[Ref.: Marks and Brands, Book K, 1755-1793, pgs. 44 & 61, State of Georgia
Archives & History]
Peter and John (the Loyalists) went to Scottish Nova Scotia in 1783 and
their descendants ended up with the Scottish “Ogilvie” spelling. Ann and
William disappeared, and may have stayed in Georgia and their descendants
might have carried the “Ogelesby, Oglesby” etc. spelling.

(No! This is not an excuse for all you many people on the list, with your
lines stuck in the Georgia disaster, to get me going on that one! The
Georgia ordeal is at least 3 weeks away. I have more research to do at he
NYPL and just ordered some microfilms. So, get yourselves geared up, get
some more contacts to join the list and please don’t jump the gun!)

Well the wind up seems to be that there is no real, right and/or official
spelling of the name. At least I haven’t seen or heard of it!

For our purposes here, when referring to the List and/or the Clan, I use
the spelling Ogilvie, which is the most common, for the convenience of it,
and not to exclude anyone, but to include everyone. You are all welcome
and encouraged to use the spelling of your choice at any time. (Try to
avoid “O’gil-vie”!)

I supppose that we could ask our Clan Chief, His Grace The Earl of Airlie,
for a ruling or something on this issue, but then most of the people that
still carry the name would have to go out and spend a fortune on lawyers
to have legal name changes. I guess it is best to “let sleeping dogs

I encourage you all to add your two cents to this. If you have any
comments, facts to share, stories (not the sept) to tell, more theories,
contradictions, and controversies (Ogg!), please write to the list with
them! I am particularly interested in hearing from our Ogg listmembers.
The Oggs hail from Forfarshire/Angus, as do the Ogilvies. There is a
controversy as to whether the name is an abbreviated form of Ogilvie or
whether the Oggs are part of Clan Young. Ogg in some kind of old Scottish
language is translated as young.

Let’s hear from you all!



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  1. I am an OGilvie. I’ve spelled it “O’Gilvie” since I was a little girl. I took out the apostrophe awhile ago. I found out a few years ago that I had Scottish blood even though I am Jamacian, and was told that the OGilvie side “ancestor “was the captain of a ship. What year or century? I don’t know.
    I was also told that my ancestors decendent were ambassordor to the king. Of what king, I don’t know.

  2. Hi. I am an Ogilvie from the Philippines. My great great grandfather was a soldier, went to Spain but settled in the island. I recently found out from my uncle that there were Scottish researchers who actually came in the Philippines decades ago and offered us one of the castles.

    1. Hi L Ogilvie, what is the name of your Father. I am an Ogilvie too and lives here in the Philippines. My Father Ramon Ogilvie also told me the same story that my great great grandfather was a soldier too and was assigned back then in India.


  3. I’m still learning about my last name because no-one in my family like to be open with one another, I am a 26 year old black woman and I mean with learning about my family I do it on my own. But I’d like some questions answered like where does our last name come from etc.

  4. My wife’s Grandmother was an Oglesby. Her family traces back to early Virginia/Carolina and the name is spelled Ogilviy, Oglesby, Olgivie, and other variations in records written in some cases by the same individual/court or minister of that era in the U.S.. One relative served as Governor and U.S. Senator of the State of Illinois in the Civil war era. Another was a Major in the Union army. Another was married to a relative of Commodore Upton, who supposedly owned and operated a fleet of ships out of Ireland. Have not been able to trace that down. The only name we have of the ones from Scotland is a Benjamin Oglesby/Ogilviy, circa 1600-1700 . Family says they came from Fofar, near Glamis Castle.

    1. Hi, my name is Riley Oglesby, I am tracking a Benjamin Oglesby from st. Luke’s Parrish S.C. born 1795. From there I have no records other than we came from Scotland. Can you help?

  5. no matter the spelling, the name still means the same thing. not sure if they intended this but when you break Oglesbee or oglvie or whichever the deffinition means “to gaze longingly into battle or competition”.

  6. My family spell our name Ogilvie. We originally came from the Kirriemuir area of Scotland near the Ogilvie stronghold, Airlie Hoose. We used the spelling of Ogilvy until one my ancestors decide the spelling Ogilvie looked better for some reason and it’s stayed that way until the present day. My brother lives in Scotland and I’m in Canada but if you want quality Ogilvie made site furnishings visit us at
    You will also find us on Facebook.
    Whatever the spelling we’re of the same clan. Quality clan, quality products.

  7. Ogilvie. Don’t know how long it’s been ogilvie because don’t know any relatives. I do know my father’s family (ogilvie) lived in Anchorage when my father was born in 1931. If that can get me a lead with someone’s help that would be very appreciated.

  8. I’m Barbara Oglesby of Henderson, Kentucky USA. We’ve always spelled it Oglesby. Our first ancestor that we can find is from Fife, Scotland by the name Richard Oglesby in 1688, he migrated to New Kent, Virginia and married settler Susannah Ware. They lived in Goochland County VA around Beaver Dam and received a land grant in 1730 for 600 acres of land. From there, the family migrated over the years to Kentucky. Consequently, I’m doing research for a trip to Scotland this June. I hope to visit some of these places.

    1. That is my husband’s ancestor as well! His maternal grandmother is an Oglesby. My maiden name is a Scottish one and we both want to travel to Scotland as well!

    2. Barbara, My Mother was an Oglesby, her Father was Thomas Mounford Oglesby who came from Kentucky as a young man and settled in Little River Co. Ar. his Father was William Mills Oglesby married to Mary Elizabeth Randolph, His Father was Jacob Oglesby. Our line goes back to Richard Oglesby, 1683 from Edinburgh, Scotland, married to Susanna Ware would love to hear from you, maybe you can help me with some of the line.

    3. Richard Oglesby was my 7g-grandfather. I too am planning a trip to Scotland, but mine will be in another two years. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Thank you!

    4. My mother was an Oglesby, and her parents were from Kentucky. Richard Oglesby and Susannah Ware are 8 generations back for me. I’ve been using to help with research, and they show the line going back to Angus Ogilvy (different spelling, but apparently it changed over the years) from Forfarshire, Scotland (date of birth approx. 1170).

      1. I think I’m related to you guys I’m not sure if it’s accurate I will send you a record of what genealogy information I have found.

        Family Tree Documents Oglesdy

        my name is Travis Oglesby and im looking for a lost Ancestry.
        Richard Oglesby
        Birth 1685 in Scotland
        Death Dec 1730 in Goochland, Virginia, USA
        and his wife was Susanna Ware
        Birth 1697 in St Peters Parish, New Kent, Virginia, USA
        Death 5 May 1735 in Goochland, Virginia, USA

        and this is all i have in my Reserching
        i just need to know if im on the right track
        can you help me .

        Thank you for your time

        this is all i have give it a look and tall me what you think

        Travis Elliot Oglesby
        Birth 5/19/1979 in Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, USA

        my Mom Debra Oglesby
        Birth 3/6/1958 in Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, USA

        and Her Dad and my Grandfather
        Billy Joe Oglesby
        Birth 9/25/1938 in Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, USA
        Death 2/3/1999 in Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, USA

        and his Family Members:Father:Albert B Oglesby, Mother:Ester E Nealy,

        Spouse:(Alma Jean Dodson), (Rebecca Oglesby Stewart), Mary Sue Taylor,

        Children:Carla Oglesby, Debar Lynn Oglesby, Timothy Joe Oglesby,

        Siblings:Ruth Oglesby, Dorothy Oglesby, Howard Oglesby, Oscar H Oglesby,

        Oscar H Oglesby, J C Oglesby, Almeda Oglesby
        Marriage:1959, Union, Tennessee

        My Mom’s and my Grandfather’s Father
        Name:Albert B Oglesby
        Birth:1885, straw Plains Tennessee
        Lived In (Residence):Knox, Tennessee, United States; Knox, Tennessee,

        United States; Civil District 16, Knox, Tennessee; Civil District 16, Knox,

        Death:1979, Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, USA
        Family Members:Father:Henry F. Oglesby, Mother:Margarette Oglesby,

        Spouse:Ester E Nealy, Children:Ruth Oglesby, Dorothy Oglesby, Howard

        Oglesby, Oscar H Oglesby, Oscar H Oglesby, J C Oglesby, Almeda Oglesby,

        (Billy Joe Oglesby), Siblings:Mary Leak, Mary J. Oglesby, Alice Oglesby,

        Martha Oglesby, James A Oglesby, Belle Oglesby, Maggie B Oglesby, John W

        Oglesby, Lucy M Oglesby, Henry F Oglesby

        and this is My my Grandfather’s Father’s Dad was
        Name:Henry F. Oglesby
        Birth:1896, Tennessee
        Lived In (Residence):District 16, Knox, Tennessee, United States; District

        16, Knox, Tennessee, United States; Civil District 15, Knox, Tennessee;

        Civil District 16, Knox, Tennessee
        Death:1974, Knox, Tennessee, United States
        Family Members:Father:Thomas Oglesby, Mother:Frsnces Oglesby,

        Spouse:Margarette Oglesby, Children:Mary Leak, Mary J. Oglesby, Alice

        Oglesby, Martha Oglesby, James A Oglesby, Belle Oglesby, (Albert B

        Oglesby), Maggie B Oglesby, John W Oglesby, Lucy M Oglesby,

        Siblings:Wilbiand Oglesby, Henry Oglesby, Robert Oglesby, Jane Oglesby,

        sarah Oglesby, Calloway Oglesby, William A Oglesby, Martha Oglesby

        and his Grandfather’s Father’s Father’s was
        Name:Thomas Oglesby
        Birth:1806, Virginia, USA
        Death:1870, Knox County, Tennessee, USA
        Family Members:Father:Peter Oglesby, Mother:Sarah Sally Pratt,

        Spouse:Frsnces Oglesby, Children:Wilbiand Oglesby, Henry Oglesby, Robert

        Oglesby, Jane Oglesby, sarah Oglesby, Calloway Oglesby, William A Oglesby,

        Martha Oglesby, (Henry F. Oglesby), Siblings:Robert W Oglesby, Jane Oglesby
        Marriage:1828, Knox County, Tennessee, USA

        and his Grandfather’s ,Father’s ,Father’s,Father
        e:Peter Oglesby
        Birth:1770, Amherst County, Virginia, USA
        Death:1830, Knox County, Tennessee, USA
        Family Members:Father:William Oglesby, Spouse:Sarah Sally Pratt,

        Children:Robert W Oglesby, Thomas Oglesby, Jane Oglesby, Siblings:William

        Oglesby, (Thomas Oglesby), Thomas O Oglesby, Shadrack Oglesby, Micajah

        Oglesby, Jemima Oglesby, Joseph Oglesby, Sarah Sallie Oglesby, Ware

        Oglesby, Jesse Oglesby
        Marriage:1800, Amherst, Virginia, USA

        and Thomas Oglesby’s Father was
        :William Oglesby
        Birth:1727, Goochland, Virginia, USA
        Death:1802, Fluvanna, Virginia, USA
        Family Members:Father:Jacob Oglesby, Mother:Constance Perkins, Spouse:Ann

        Perkins, Children:William Oglesby, Thomas Oglesby, Thomas O Oglesby,

        Shadrack Oglesby, Micajah Oglesby, Jemima Oglesby, Joseph Oglesby, Sarah

        Sallie Oglesby, Ware Oglesby, Jesse Oglesby, Siblings:Richard Oglesby,
        Thomas Oglesby, Jacob Oglesby, Nancy Oglesby, David Oglesby
        Marriage:1752, Goochland, Virginia, USA

        and :William Oglesby Father was
        Name:Jacob Oglesby
        Birth:1709, Henrico, Virginia, USA
        Death:1780, Goochland, Virginia, USA
        Family Members:Father:Richard Oglesby, Mother:Susanna Ware,

        Spouse:Constance Perkins, Children:William Oglesby, Richard Oglesby, Thomas

        Oglesby, Jacob Oglesby, Nancy Oglesby, David Oglesby, Siblings:Jacob

        Oglesby, Mourning Oglesby, Elizabeth Coraby Oglesby, Alice Oglesby, Ann

        Morning, Thomas Oglesby, William Oglesby
        Marriage:1726, Goochland, Virginia, USA

        and Jacob Oglesby’s Father was
        Name:Richard Oglesby
        Birth:1685, Scotland
        Death:1730, Goochland, Virginia, USA
        Family Members:Spouse:Susanna Ware, Children:Jacob Oglesby, (Jacob

        Oglesby), Mourning Oglesby, Elizabeth Coraby Oglesby, Alice Oglesby, Ann

        Morning, Thomas Oglesby, William Oglesby
        Marriage:1717, Henrico, Virginia, United States

        and this is as far as i can go
        am i on the

    5. Barbara, We are if the same family. My father’s family are Oglesby’s from Muhlenberg and Christian Counties, Ky. We have the same pathway to America. My grandfather is W. S. Oglesby.
      Louann Oglesby

  9. My great Grandma was from Scotland and She was Ogilvie. My last name is Smith unfortunately, wish to have carried on the Ogilvie name but it at least runs through my Veins.

    1. I have been an English Ogilvie since my great grandparents moved down from Scotland but even so, I believe the highlander blood is still coursing through my veins, so if you believe its doing the same with you, with the same distance in genetic connection, then why not. Slange Var to you and be proud of that blood.

  10. My name is Anthony Ogilvie, Jr., son of Anthony Ogilvie Sr. who was born in the Philippines in 1920 to Remedios Barretto and James Ogilvie. We (in our family) know very little about him except that he may have a business person or dentist. Does anyone know anything about James Ogilvie in the Philippines or have information related to an Ogilvie that married a Barretto? Would appreciate the information. Please send to We are attempting to do a family tree.

  11. My 3 x Gt Grandfather was Andrew Ogilvie born 1821 in Dundee. He came to Kent in England, married had children, never returned to Scotland. I don’t have the Ogilvie name but am proud to have Scottish roots.

  12. Hi there my name is James Eli Ogilvie son of Murray James Ogilvie son of James Murray Ogilvie

    Oh and we are from Australia

  13. This is cool! I’m a high schooler from Minnesota, and I am a descendent of the Georgia/Nova Scotia Ogilvie branch too! My ancestor William James Ogilvie was a grandson of Peter Ogilvie the Loyalist, and he moved to Muscatine, Iowa, I think he was a homesteader, maybe. Anyway, William James is my Great-great-great grandfather. I’m a Mormon, and genealogy is really big in our church, so we have a good record of my line on I guess the person who wrote this article is like my 13th cousin or something like that. There’s a tiny town in Minnesota called Ogilvie that we visited on the way to northern Minnesota for a family reunion. It was funny to bring like 30 Ogilvies into a town called Ogilvie. All the adults in the fam went to Scotland a couple years ago too, and went to some of the Ogilvie castles and things, I think.

    1. Hi Grant, I’m researching my Ogilvie ancestors and came across this interesting article and your reply. Peter Ogilvie was my 4th great-grandfather. I see William James in my tree and show him marrying an Amelia Mullins King in 1872 and dying in Muscatine in 1922. My tree says William is my first cousin 3X removed. I don’t show anything further in this line but we must be remotely related.
      My grandmother was an Ogilvie and that line had stayed in Nova Scotia until she left in 1910 to teach school in eastern Quebec and where she met my grandfather.
      All the best, Murray Marchant

  14. Hi,
    My name is Herice O’Gilvie. I am African American and live in Texas. My grandfather was second generation named Walter O’Gilvie.

  15. I am also an Ogilvie and have done research that brings my family back to Malcomb King of Scots. I have always spelled it Ogilvie though. I have family in Nova Scotia but am from Massachusetts.

  16. My grandfather’s mother was an Ogilvie from Little River/Elderbank Nova Scotia. She was great,great grand-daughter of the Loyalist Peter who fathered Capt.Peter, who fathered James, who fathered Alfred who fathered Ida May, my great-grandmother. We were in Nova Scotia this past August and the history was in the churchyards. Need to get some relevant family histories, besides names and dates.

  17. Hello to whoever may be related out there, I am descended from the Ogilvy/Ogilvie families of Angus and looking for others who have researched back to the following key abodes located mostly in inland Angus.

    My Ogilvy’s descended from those who lived at Dillivaird whose evidence shows a descent from the Lord’s of Airlie; and those from Ascreavie, Wester Whiteside, Cothilhill who descend from Ogilvy of that Ilk (Hatton of Ogilvy). Generally around the Glamis, Kingoldrum and Airlie parishes.

    The Scots peerage shows a descent from Gilbert who was apparently granted the lands of Ogilvy from his father Earl of Angus by which his descendants were known as Ogilvy of that Ilk. The line of the Lords and Earls is a cadet branch which gained more fame and adopted the clan chief title. The Ogilvy of that Ilk gained a raised status with a marriage of Gilbert Ogilvy to Sibilla Drummond, daughter of the 2nd Lord Drummond and his first wife Margaret Stewart, grand-daughter to James IV.

    There are some branches recorded to have branched off early in the family history, but also it is likely numerous families adopted the surname of the clan chief they followed or the male took the chief’s daughters surname.

  18. Hello! I am Andrea Ogilvie born in Buenos Aires Argentina. Andrea is a female name in Argentina. As far as I know, my great grandfather David Ogilvie came to Argentina and his family was from Dundee. There are very few Ogilvies in Argentina, although I have recently learnt that there is a small rural town in the province of santa Fe named “Ogilvie”. I will be doing som,e research on that matter.

  19. Hi I’m also of Clan Ogilvie on my mothers’ side and a direct descendant of William Ogilvie (Klondike Surveyor). I’m trying to find out more about my family history and the Sept my family is from. If anyone is willing to share any research that would make my day. I’ve got some dates that were important (I found in an old journal in my attic that belonged to my grandfather) the years are 1480 and 1497 I think they are birth and death dates of an ancestor named Durston or Dirsten (the journal is mostly illegible) but that’s about it.

  20. My name is Robin Oglesby and my fourth great grand father was Sabert Oglesby. His head stone says he was born in Scotland but has no date. It also says he was in the Revolutionary War. I can place him in North Carolina in the 1790 census but can’t find out anything earlier than that. I would love to hear from anyone that can tell me more.

    1. Hello Robin,
      My name is Decia Swenson Brown. Sabert Oglesby is also my 4th Great Grandfather. I am related through his son Lewis. I am also trying hard to find information on Sabert in Scotland. I would love to know if you have learned anything new. I know he came over with possibly 2 brothers.

      1. Hello Decia,
        Your 4th great grandfather Sabert is my husband’s 5th great grandfather. He married Phoebe Lindsey. Since your post in November 2019,have you been able to find any further information previous to 1790’s census?

        My husband is Steve Oglesby whose father is David, whose father is Reid,whose father is the Reverend Sabert G,whose father is Sabert,whose father is Sabert who was born in Scotland.

    2. Hello Robin,
      Your 4th great grandfather Sabert is my husband’s 5th great grandfather. He married Phoebe Lindsey. Since your post in June 26,2018 have you been able to find any further information previous to 1790’s census?

      My husband is Steve Oglesby whose father is David, whose father is Reid,whose father is the Reverend Sabert G,whose father is Sabert,whose father is Sabert who was born in Scotland.

  21. Hi, My name is Vennetta Ogilvie my grand father was a white man from Scotland. I was told it was 3 white man came to the Caribbean 2 to Jamaica WI, Grenada, I am interesting in finding the Ogilvie roots. I’m from Jamaica WI. I link some in Trinidad and the have the same story fore-father from Scotland.
    Please reply

    1. Hi Vennetta,

      We share the same story. Do you know your grandfathers first name? Our great-grandfather is William Hubert Ogilvie. Born around 1876.

  22. My name is Kenneth Baugess my grand father was Kenneth Ogilvie he. Lived in Ohio B1900 his father was David and his was nathan…etc. I am very proud of my Scottish blood trying to learn more.

  23. You have to add one more spelling to the list! My great grandfather was an Oglebay from Cumberland, MD. The only others I know of are my mother’s cousins and my 2nd cousins. We’ve traced our tree down to the 1700’s in the US Oglebays, from there the name changes to Ogilvee. I’d love to know where in Scotland they were from!

  24. Chris Ogilvie from Florida checking in. I haven’t found much past my grandfather William L Ogilvie. He was originally from the West Virginia area before moving south.

  25. My family line spelled their surname Ogilbee. Many Ogilbees went south in the USA but my branch progress westward thru Pennsylvania and settled in eastern Ohio. The earliest one I have dates on is John Ogilbee, b. abt 1761 in Pennsylvania, USA d. 1819 in Belmont Co., Ohio, USA. His father is said to be James Ogilbee and likely is the same one documented in DAR records with a different surname spelling. I have not yet documented my own connection. My paternal grandmother said Ogilbees were “Scots-Irish” and related the typical story as: “Two brothers came to America and fought in the Revolution against England. They became separated, and our forebear was given a Land Grant in western Penna as payment for Service.” From there, we have descended. I have yet to prove our earliest Ogilbee family, separating fact from oral history, so I can’t “jump the Pond” to research in the UK for our earlier origins.
    Starting with my paternal grandmother: Cecelia May Hoffmann Forger (1889 Ohio -1968 Arizona) > Adeline Ogilbee Hoffmann (1858 Ohio -1944 Ohio) > John Milton Ogilbee (1818 Ohio -1898 Ohio) > James Ogilbee (1788 Penna -1869 Ohio) > John Ogilbee ( abt 1761 Penna -1819 Ohio) > James Ogilbee (dates & locations unknown). I can provide spouse and sibling info to anyone interested. My tree is on Ancestry.

  26. My grandmother’s maiden name was Oglesby, her father was John Oglesby, whose father was George Oglesby Jr., to George Oglesby Sr., to Rev. James Oglesby, and I found a document saying his father was Daniel Oglesby from South Carolina but after that nothing.

  27. My branch of Ogilvy are in New Brunswick. I believe it was Alexander Jock Ogilvy that settled here after moving from Scotland in the late 1800’s.

  28. I’m an Ogilvie and a descendant of the Airlie Ogilvie’s of Scotland. My father was born and raised in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. I am most likely related to you Jimmy! I just received two bracelets in the mail with the Ogilvie crest on them. They are beautiful and inscribed with A Fin…to the End!

  29. I am an Ogilvie descendant and my line is from Airlie, Scotland. My 3rd great grandfather arrived in Virginia during the 1700s. My maiden name is Ogalsbee. I didn’t see this spelling on your list. Our line has had the spelling changed numerous times including several different spellings within our own family. My theory of the different spellings in our area is that when the people were asked to say their last name they would have responded with their Scottish brogues making the letter v sound like a b and the letter i sound like an e or an a. When looking through the various county census records people were still asked to speak their names well into the 1940s and some 1950s. The census books were written in fancy cursive by a court recorder. The cursive writing also made the names hard to read and lead to many errors in transcription.

    1. Sorry I took so long to approve your comment, Katie. I just spotted it lurking unapproved. I like your theory. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to repeat my last name several times before noticing the person has still spelt it wrong, then giving up and spelling it out for them with a deliberate pause between each letter. It’s easiest just to say “Ogilvie, that’s o, g, i, l, v, i, e” from the get go, although even this is no guarantee of success.

  30. Hi Jimmy, I am a descendant of Peter Ogilvie. My grandmother Lillias Ogilvie Fancy did an extensive family history which I am grateful for. I do know some of my Ogilvie relatives in Nova Scotia but always like to meet more. Thanks

  31. My name is Luke Oglesby and I’m a descendant of Sabert Oglesby. My parents are from Bibb county AL where Sabert is buried. My grandfather, John Oglesby, had 2 sons: Kenneth (my father), and Robert (Bob). Grandfather John had brothers but I’m not sure how many. I believe they were all named either John or James and they went by their first and middle initials like JT, JW, etc. It’s a pleasure to meet some fellow Highlanders ; ) There can be only one…

    1. Hello Luke! Sabert Oglesby Sr(1740-1831) is my 4th great grandfather, 3rd great grandfather is Lewis Oglesby(1807-1887), 2nd great grandfather is John Thomas Oglesby(1837-1918), great grandmother (daughter of John Thomas Oglesby) was Martha Etta Oglesby (1891-1947), and her daughter my Grandmother was Martha Jane Felgar. I know that my 4xG Sabert Oglesby came from Scotland to South Carolina, but I have no information to his family across the pond. If you or anyone has any information that would help me open that door to my 5th great grandparents I would love it.

      What are the birth dates and information for your Sabert Oglesby and your other family on that line? I have been to the Cemetery where we have a lot of family buried in GreenPond.

      1. Hey Decia! Sabert is my 4th great grandfather as well. 3rd is John Thomas Oglesby, 2nd John James Oglesby, great grandfather and grandfather were both also John Thomas Oglesby, father is Kenneth Oglesby. doesn’t show any ancestors farther back for Sabert, but it does go farther back for his wife Phebe Lindsey. The Sabert I’m looking at was born in Annandale District, Dumfriesshire, Scotland in 1751 and died in Tuscaloosa 1831. It shows a picture of his tombstone in Bibb county.

  32. Hello Clan Ogilvie!

    I’m working on my genealogy and I’m try to establish the evolution of the name.

    I think that forms of the name might be something like Ogilvie-Ogilvy-Ogleby-Oglesby-Unglesby-Unglesbee.

    Can anyone shed light on the name changes over the year?

    Also, I’m working to determine when Unglesby’s arrived i the U.S. Anecdotal information says it’s the 1820s.

    Any and all contributions are appreciated — and I’ll be happy to return the favor with any information I dig up.

    Thanks in advance!
    Steve Unglesbee

    1. Yes Steven, the variation in name spelling was the result of several factors. As our ancestors pushed further into the frontier, they had less time for school as the were hacking a home out of the wilderness. Some couldn’t spell, some may have had a Scottish brogue accent, etc. A traveling preacher may have spelled the name as he thought he heard it. Hope this helps.

  33. Hello all. I’m a Black man with the name of Oglesby, which I found my own pride, though my family says we were given the name by “the white man”. Apparently, an Oglesby bequeathed his land to my great grandfather John Oglesby, a Freemason of Swainsboro GA, Emmanuel County United states. I found my own pride and love of my name as a student Historian, and I watched braveheart very young, and I think I do a mean Scottish accent for a black guy. Needless to say, I guess I always wanted to feel accepted even if we were adopted into this family so to speak. I love all creation, and have no qualms with white or black. One day I hope to visit the Highlands and bring my future children. In a way, I feel the Scots suffered under the Anglo-Norman hand, long before the Blacks did and to that I simply say, I bid you all good day, my worthy Fellows.

    If anyone can help me find my family, greatly appreciated.

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