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    High Efficient Slow Fast Medium Thinner for Clearcoat RC-X110,RC-X111,RC-X112
    Fast drying thinner RC-X110
    Standard thinner RC-X111
    Slow drying thinner RC-X112
    It is produced specially for Roch® series paint. Fast drying, standard, slow drying can be chosen in order to match the applications in different temperature. It can decrease the viscosity of the paint, and improve the leveling property of the paints.
    Specific Gravity0.8-0.9KG/L
    IngredientsEsters, aromatic hydrocarbon organic component solvent
    ColourTransparency, free of extraneous matter
    Mix Ratio (by volume)Choose the mix ratio and the type of thinner according to different products and different temperature.
    2K paint: 1 part
    Thinner: 0.1~0.3 parts
    1K paint: 1 part
    Thinner: 0.8~1 parts
    How to choose the thinner: Fast drying thinner: suitable for the repair of partial area or less than 20℃. Standard thinner: suitable for whole car spray or partial repair, temperature between 20℃~30℃. Slow drying thinner: suitable for whole car spray or big area spray, temperature is higher than 30℃.
    Packaging1L x 12 tins/ctn, 5L x 4 tins/ctn
    Shelf Life5 years
    If the temperature is too high or the weather is humid, add 10% Roch® Thinner SRA in order to extend the open time, and the metallic paint will not be blanched.automotive thinner manufacturers