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    Metal stamping die
    in our metal stamping tool and die assembly area Upon the completion of the tools by the craftsmen, the tools will be proven out in one of our three try-out presses.
    After completing the tools in our tool and mold assembly area by the craftsmen, these tools will be validated in our three test presses. The first sample is validated in our quality laboratory, including: CMM, Vision system and Gage.
    Project Details
    Product DescriptionMetal stamping die
    Capabilities Applied/Processescnc milling and Wire EDM
    Equipment Used to Manufacture PartCnc machining center´╝îwire EDM
    Material Usedsteel
    Industry for Usemold
    Tightest Tolerances┬▒.01mm/m
    Product NameMetal stamping die
    Detail image
    Our engineers use advanced CAD software for metal stamping die design
    Die machining and assembly are done in our factories
    Runner machinery is ISO 9001:2015 certified. To learn more about our services contact us today.China Stamping Mould