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    Renee Clark

    Hi, I have been working on our family’s genealogy.  My grandfather is Albert Elwood Oglevie from the Jewell County, Kansas Oglevie’s (you can see his photo here).  It is our understanding that our family originated in Scotland and was part of the Ogilvie clan, but I have not been able to verify this.  If my research is correct, below is the lineage that I have come up with.

    George W Oglevie (1791-1863)

    —> John William II Oglevie (1824-1901)

    ——> James Robert Oglevie (1846-1910)

    ———> John Elwood Oglevie (1869-1952)

    ————> Albert Elwood Oglevie (1897-1993)

    I would love to get our family traced back to our roots before coming to America.  Does anyone have any information that could help me?

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